About Steve's Computer Repairs

Repairs for the Home User...

Steve’s Computer Repairs has been looking after personal computers for home users for over 15 years. Whether it be a new computer in need of setting up for the first time or an old computer in need of a good clean out the team at Steve’s Computer Repairs is always happy to help. With a fast mobile callout service, we can come to you and help you with all of your computer needs.  From repairing the most minor issue to the most major, Steve’s will not be beaten on price.

In addition we offer repairs to tablets / Ipads, mobile phones along with sales and repairs of network products including modems and routers.  We can also do installs of security cameras and equipment and set it up for you properly.

Repairs for the business user

With over 15 years of industry experience, we can repair or maintain all computer platforms and networks.  Therefore, we are able to handle the needs of both small business and larger enterprises. In addition, over the years we have maintained a range of computer driven industrial machinery.  These include production lines in the agricultural industry, ECG machines in hospitals and ATMs at banks. We can repair a large array of Industrial machinery including broadacre tractors using GPS plotting. Basically, if it runs by computer; we can maintain it and repair it.

Additionally, we can also repair your network printers and copiers and all other additional devices.  These include repairs to wifi hotspots, security cameras and much much more.  Call us today to find out more.

From small scale business networks to large scale enterprise networks, Steve’s Computer Repairs is able to meet your needs for less.  Additionally, all staff have University Qualifications to make sure of high standard outcomes. We can do everything from repair your network and workstations through to designing your website. Call us today to find out just how much of a quantum leap we can help your business to achieve.

For the remote user...

If you are a long way from Bundaberg we can help your remotely.  We are able to assist you by using programs that allows us to log in to and repair your computer.  We do this from here in Bundaberg consequently saving you any callout fees. This can alternately save you potentially hours of driving also.  Call us today to find out how we can assist you remotely .